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Life is Like a Flower Life is Like a Flower
It starts out as a small seed and with a little love and tender care
it grows to be a beautiful flower.
We Have Fun Together We Have Fun Together
We laugh and play and sing all day in any kind of weather.
A Break in the Clouds A Break in the Clouds
A break in the clouds, a patch of the sea;
The light out of its shrouds brings such peace to me.
Let's Play a Game! Let's Play a Game!
I am going to find myself, and so are you.
Let's play a game.
An Autumn Leaf An Autumn Leaf
Upon my parchment, sadly old, The record lives of Summer's gold;
And in my veins there lingers now The joy of Spring's awakening bough.
Lets sing together Let's Sing Together
That's it concentrate! don't hesitate just carry on
If we all ignore bad energy we will grow strong!

Who Are We

Bliss and Wisdom Young Adults (BWYA) is a youth group sponsored by a non-profit organization, Bliss and Wisdom foundation, North America. ...
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What We Do

The classes, activities, and an annual Life Camp hosted by BWYA serve as a rejuvenation station for our members to realize and develop ...
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I pray that I can become a person with wisdom. Starting off by learning, joining the Bliss and Wisdom College Division, becoming a part ...
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    Learning Together

    In the class room we learning and sharing idea together.


    Into the Nature

    We go out for the fresh air and beautiful mather nature.


    US Life Camp

    The most memorable moment in US life Camp.    >>Read More