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Learning Together

In the class room we learning and sharing idea together. New Perspectives in Life, Harmonious Relationships, Organic Lifestyles, and Inspirational Role Models.

Into the Nature

 "Love relationships" start with the getting to know process. Seeing and in many ways "sensing" are musts for one to capture another one's mind or heart. It is also true with nature. One will be clueless about nature-loving if all they've known all their life are the man-made spaces.

US Life Camp

"When seeking happiness, the focus should be on the enrichment of the mind instead of on external materials. Before, I would ask my friends to go shopping whenever I get upset, but somehow I always felt empty and frightened afterwards. Perhaps we shouldn’t use these methods to run away from our problems. Instead, use a different method to face our problems like using “OMAK” (Observe Merits and Appreciate Kindness). When we are discontent with someone, we can use OMAK to seek out the positive traits in these individuals. Using this method can perhaps bring us more happiness than before."
-- Thoughts After Camp